It becomes suffocating at times!

#5 Venice

If you’re looking for a beautiful romantic boat ride in Venice, the first thing you should probably do it to ensure your expectations is to mark the calendar with NOT the peak season! Because the crowd will ruin your beautiful romantic boat ride during the peak season!

#4 Eiffel Tower

A beautiful lunch by the side of Eiffel tower? That’s not gonna happen with people all around you in the peak season!

#3 The Mona Lisa

The serenity of the beautiful painting is being murdered by the crowd who only wants to capture the beauty of the painting in their mobiles.

#2 The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Well, in case you choose to visit it during the peak season, you might not be the only one posing around to balance the leaning tower! It won’t lean on you alone!

#1 The Great Wall Of China

Well, you will find crowd over the entire length of the wall! So beware!