Traveling as a couple is a lot different than traveling solo. As a solo traveler, I can’t really relate as I’m single and haven’t really traveled long-term with my significant other. So, since I want to give advice on this topic, I enlisted the help of my traveling couple friends to provide tips on how to travel well with your partner because the couple that travels together, stays together.


1. Talk about your vision and expectations for the trip… before the trip!

You may have decided on a destination but have very different ideas of what will take place once you get there. Person A in the relationship dreams of a romantic getaway spent parked in a hammock, fruity drink in hand, while Person B wants to engage in more adventurous pursuits like scuba diving, island hopping, and water skiing. Likewise, your plans to follow a jam-packed, super detailed itinerary may not jive with your partner’s natural inclination to aimlessly meander around a city. So be sure to talk through your preferences and draft up a list of activities and experiences you both agree on before embarking on your journey.


2. Give yourself time out

As much as you may love someone, hanging with them 24/7 is bound to be a strain at some point. Alone time is also an important part of your couples travel. Make sure you do spend time doing the things that you love to do. I like to shop and my boyfriend doesn’t, so the suggestion of an hour or so when I hit up the market/mall solo is welcomed on both ends. This way, I get to shop, he gets to miss me for a little while, and we both have time alone to rejuvenate ourselves. Win-win!


3. Participate in activities together that involves teamwork, support and encouragement

My boyfriend and I love hiking and climbing mountains. We look for adventurous activities when we are travelling all the time. Not only are they giving you a fun memory to share, but it really helps you to join together as a couple more.

It is always so great for me having someone as physically able as my boyfriend to help push me along the challenging parts and help me to have more faith in my own strength.


4. Figure out each other’s rhythms and plan accordingly

I am an early riser. My boyfriend love to sleep in. In the beginning, this mismatch of schedules caused frustration: I was annoyed at having to wait for him to get out of bed, he was ticked that I wouldn’t let him get his beauty sleep on holiday. Solution? I make good use of my mornings while he gets his rest: I surf the facebook, chat-chit, do my hair, read, pluck my eyebrows, and/or use the hotel gym. Understanding your partner’s needs and taking advantage of the opportunities they present mean that both parties are happy.

5. Fall in Love, Over and Over Again

The romance that travel brings to life is unfathomable for those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure of traveling with your better half.

We have fallen in love over and over again in so many ways. Standing over the Arno River in Florence and watching the sunset with a bottle of wine, chugging beer at Oktoberfest and singing German drinking songs we don’t understand, dancing in the middle of a field at EDC UK, sitting in a rose covered bubble bath during a 2.5 hour spa treatment at Four Seasons Jimbaran.


6. Compromise and share the decisions

Love is about compromise, isn’t it? My advice: try to keep your partner happy when it comes to the little things (without sacrificing too much of your preferences, of course). Trust me, it’ll come back to you ten-fold.

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7. Try to find other ways to have special times together

When you are travelling as a couple every day and night is really date night. It is really difficult to create a special date experience. But travelling for long period of times becomes a normal daily thing.
Going on adventures as mentioned above is one way. Organize a special dinner or movie night out, or even in. Splurge for a more upmarket accommodation type. Get massages together, or spend the day lazing around the pool or on the beach.


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